• Marine Electromechanics for smarter boat control

  • Audrey steers the boat thanks to Splashelec’s joysticks


Marine electronics to control boats

At Splashelec, our aim is to make any boat easy to pilot : sailboats, yachts and motor boats.

Thanks to electronics an d IT, we have developed a large range of mechanical, and electromechanical parts which allow us to take control of an entire boat. For instance we have designed some very accurate and smooth tiller pilots, reverse electric winches (both directions), different kind of actuators, an intelligent communication protocol.

Electronics to stabalize hydrofoils

At Splashelec, we have this dream that anybody could try and pilot an hydrofoil easily.

It could be an electric motor boat, a heat engine yacht or a sailing boat : we develop an electronic intelligence which will stabalize any boat/yacht using hydrofoils.

Electronics & mechanics R&D for your prototypes

You have an idea ? You want to develop a product, an IoT ?

At Splashelec, we can help. You can benefit from the knowledge of our engineers in marine, electronics, IT, mechanics.

We can help you in making your idea or your conept come true.

Stop dreaming about your product and start making it together.

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