From motor boat hydrofoils to electric hydrofoils, our electronic system will stabilize any watercraft using foils

Foil equiped with a mechanical actuator

Easy foiling for anyone 

Currently, you have to be a good tightrope walker to go hydrofoiling. Once your boat flies above the water on the hydrofoils, you have to manage the foiling system, the tiller, and the sails or the power of the motor. That’s a lot to do for just one person. That’s why, we brought to the market an electronic box which adjusts automatically the position of the foils on the vessel. Thanks to our system, you can enjoy the ride and keep playing with the tiller and the sheets.

SPLASHELEC solution makes hydrofoiling more secure

We have designed an electronic system which is as intelligent as the electronics you can find in the most recent cars. Using some specific sensors, integrated circuits and some specific firmwares, we are able to control and adjust the actuators of the watercraft. By using our dedicated algorithms, our electronic box is able to control the flying boat/yacht stability.

We custom our solution to your specific needs

Because a motorboat or a hydrofoil sailing boat has a different configuration, we designed a very flexible solution. By slecting adequate sensors and actuators as well as mechanical adaptations, our automatic stability adjustment control will handle any watercraft. That’s how powerful our solution is.

Depending on your foil shape, we will control the foil arm, the foil wing or the foil flaps.

We stabilize the watercraft in real-time

Our system can take care of hydrofoil actuators with multiple degrees of freedom. We control rake, pitch, roll, yaw with a servo assist system or fully automatically thanks to our control system. Our electronic intelligence is able to take the right decision and to control also the rudder or the rudder wings, any flaps and even the motor speed if required.

We can make hydrofoils lift faster. We can keep the boat stable when changing course or switching tack.

At this point, our electronics works faster and is more reliable than a human being.

So, even if this kind of servo assist system is not allowed in every sailing regatta rules, we believe it will soon be autorized by the world sailing. And afterthat,Automatised control will be widely adopted by world’s sailors.

With such a system, hydrofoils can make you fly during hours or days, capsizing becomes unlikely to happen.