At Splashelec, we believe that anybody should be able to access to boating. Therefore we have designed some solutions to render sailing and boating much easier. No need to know much about sailing to enjoy some time on the water. Thanks to technology and ours products you are now able to take control of the entire boat.

We have solutions for any kind of boat. We developed a large range of products.


Electric bidirectional winch

Our winch has been designed to give enough power and enough speed in both direction. It will allow you to harden sheets or to ease off just by playing with our joysticks.

Tiller pilot

It’s not an autopilot, it’s much more accurate because you keep the control of it. A rudder reference transducer is included and it make it possible to pilot easily with our joysticks. You can even feel the rudder as if you had the tiller in hand.

Joysticks to take control

Using joysticks to steer the boat feels the same as if you were playing a video game. The main difference is that you are on the water and you can feel the wind, the sun and the water underneath.


Motor control

We make it possible to control motor using intelligent electronics. We can include information from sensors into the control command scheme. Our communication CAN bus is as powerfull as the one you get on nowadays cars. Electronic intelligence will help you pilot with security.

Joysticks to take control

Using joysticks to pilot the motor boat allows you to pilot as if you were playing a video game. But it also allows to use different kind of control command. We can easily replace the joysticks with an automate.

Control anything you want

Using our communication protocol you can control anything on your boat from any device. If you want to turn on the light from your smartphone, you can do so. If you want to control it from your house to check if there any water in the hold of the ship, you can do it.