You are working on our own aquatic drone or vessel, we can provide you with all the components you need. Sensors, actuators but best of all, we have a flexible solution to make all these components work together : our electronic communication card. It’s easy to program, it’s flexible : you can add as many sensors as you like, you reprogram the software for it to integrate these new data. You can write some code so that your vessel follow some behaviours (if this, then that). You can pilot different kind of actuators. All that with easy programming. Each sensor and actuators need one of our SPLASHELEC CAN Bus to be connected to the same network.


Because we couldn’t find the right actuators for our marine applications, we started to design our own. We developed our first electric cylinder which can be used for tiller pilot. But it can also be used to pilot the opening of a door or of the automatic opening of a bimini. It’s not anymore a push button, it’s intelligence that you can add to your boat, yacht or nautical vessel.


One other actutor we had to design was a two way reversible electric winch to set the sails. You can easely find on the market some electric winch to trim your sheet but when it comes to ease the sail, most of the electrical winch can’t do it as quickly as required. Say for instance, that you have to let the sail go because your boat is in the middle of a quick storm. With our electrical winch it can ba as quick as if you would release it completly even if you keep the entire control of your sail because you can still sheet the sail afterwards.