We have designed the most reliable and the most accurate servo command for sailing boat. With the Splashelec electric assist command system, anyone can steer a sailboat just at finger tips or with the chin depending on the capability of the sailor.

Our aim is to render sailing available to anyone: so we designed a system which is fully configurable and which can be adapted to physical abilities of the sailor.

You can use a joystick with your hand or a chin stick or a sip and puff swith or some simple buttons to pilot the servo command for the rudder. Our system is easily reconfigurable, so we can choose the control system and then we just have to modify the computer code to meet the requirement of the sailor. We can therefore modify the way the joystick react to the movement: if the sailor needs more accuracy or more speed we can easily adjust these parameters in the code.

As our servo command is so flexible, you can imagine to build your own control command and we will be able to configure it with our system. You just have to be careful to design something which is fully waterproof.

We can even add sensors to our electric command system whose data can be taken into account to pilot the boat. For instance, we can add a sensor which give the list of the vessel and we can add this data into the calculation to control the rudder.


We have designed our own electric reward winches. The aim of our winches is to replace an human arm, so the winch can pull easily 20kg of weight. This is suitable for sails of small sailing boats, say until 5 meters long.

They are fast and accurate because we wanted them to be used in any conditions and to be safe. So you can lease the sails super fast if required just by moving the joystick fast. So in case of a gust you stay safe.

Of course, our winches are fully waterproog, so you can leave them of the boat if you wish but you can also take them out of the boat if you need to. The fixing support have been designed to easily take the winches out if required. For instance if you need the boat for a regatta where electric assist is not allowed, you can take them out.

If you are designing a big RC sailboat, our electric winches will also be a good option as you can control them with a remote control RC. If fact we have design the component for the biggest sailing boat ever.


Well, almost any boat can be equiped with our servo command system to control the rudder. Our system works well on boats with a tiller but also on vessel with a steering wheel.

So we can equip boats from 2 meters to 15 meters long. If a steering wheel exists, the joystick can be added and can be enabled with a swith for instance. Thus you can choose easily to steer the boat with the wheel or to use the joystick. You can even steer the boat from the cabin if the weither is bad outside.

So far we have installed succefully the electric assist servo command on :

  • miniji (french boat equivalent to the 2.4mr) = you can control the rudder and the main sail and the jib (separatly)
  • Hansa 303 (from Hansasailing) = you can control the rudder and the main sheet and the jib (separatly)
  • Echo90 = you can control the helm of the boat (monohull of 9 meters long)
  • Magnum 21 = you can control the rudder of the boat (trimaran of 6 meters long)
  • Sun Odyssey 439

Check out the videos at the bottom of this page (click here) to discover how it works.