We help you build the product of your dreams

We can help you turn your idea into a perfect prototype. If you have an idea that require electronics or mechanics or both, you can benefit from our experience. If you want to design the next IoT, we will help you to make it work. We have strong skills in electronics, you can also use some of oour products.

You are a startup, you have an idea: we make it real

Some people have ideas but to make them real it might be a bit more difficult. Maybe you don’t have all the required skills to build your prototype, maybe you have got the right machine to do it, maybe, your main skills is to sell the idea, not to do the hardware.
If your idea concern an object which require electronics and mechanics, sure we can make the hardware for you.
At SPLASHELEC, we will you save time and therefore money. We are some solution makers. We can help you solve your technical problem, we can transform your idea into a real prototype.
With this prototype in hands, you will convience people to follow you. We live in France, the price for R&D is less expensive than the price in some other countries.
So just ask for a quotation.


IT programming
Waterproof design
  • Internet of things (IoT)

    We develop devices which use wireless technology to communicate on any wireless network.

  • Embedded systems

    We design PCB for Internet-connected devices and for wearable products.

  • Water resistant devices

    That’s where we are best at. We work in sea water environment so all our electronic prototypes have to be water resistant.

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